Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Ordinary human law needs to read its ugly head here. Obama violated the rules for how rules are to be made in several different ways, which is why his "Dear Colleague" letter was enjoined (blocked). Weights get assigned to values. IMHO, Obama exceeding his authority, especially for what I believe was an illegitimate motive, was a bigger problem to me than the hurt feelings of - - supposedly - - "hundreds of thousands" of school children. Nonetheless, "render unto Ceasar" and getting "Chevron deference" correct tells us NOTHING about how we are to treat other people.

That's where the other half of Jesus' command kicks in; "render unto God." Thus, Ryan D is completely and directly on point when he calls us to compassion for our fellow fallen souls.

But that's also why I highly doubt Jesus would cry over Trump's reversal. Bullying in its wake? Yes. Correcting an of-this-world error? No.

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